This is the portfolio of Mark Brodie, graphic designer and problem solver.

My name is Mark.

I have recently graduated from Monash University, with a Bachelor of Design.

For me, design offers many problems and solutions. I am excited by the challenge to discover and create the best outcome for each project. I place emphasis on this process while ensuring the content or idea is never displaced.

I love typography. I seek to challenge the purpose and function of typography as a design element—and as a communicative tool. I try not to be constrained by the restrictions of graphic design.

I push boundaries.
  • ISTD: Adrian Frutiger

    How does someone celebrate the life of typographer Adrian Frtugier? Looking at Frutiger's typefaces would've been the easy way to summarise his great life. I chose to look at the man himself, his integrity, his focus, and his passion for great type. The study follows the story of Frutiger Next, and how Frutiger's determination saw the introduction of Frutiger Neue.

    This publicaiton was submitted to the ISTD ( student comptetion. I was awarded with a membership to the Society.
  • Abandon

    An unused and decaying parking lot in the backstreets of Port Melbourne is a dumping ground of unique ephemera. This photo series aims to capture the beauty of these items that no longer have a place in a material world.
  • Identity for the Spilt Milk museum

    The cultural colliding point that is a museum should not be defined by an off-the-shelf identity. Pushing the boundaries, letter-heads and business cards have been printed onto paper towel, to add a function of cleaning up liquids—like spilt milk.
Annual Report
  • The New City Guide to Melbourne

    Melbourne is the best city in the world.

    There is the standard tourist fair—cafes, restaurants and museums. The Melbourne City Guide goes deeper into the Melbournian culture, and uncovers some of the more unique locations known only to locals.

    The oversized format of the guide has been utilised to express the grandeur of Melbourne.
  • Mirror Magazine

    Streetwear and sneaker culture is an amzing entity. Did you know that certain pairs of sneakers can re-sell for as much as $50,000? There is an amazing society of collectors and wannabes that live in both the real and online worlds. It's a culture of excess, and showing it off, but doing it with an aura of nonchalance.

    Broadsheet printing has been used to take advantage of the expanse of negative space, giving the subject matter an ultra-premium feel.
  • Serious Cereal

    Serious Cereal from Woolworths Homebrand is the straight-talking, adults only breakfast food. The most important meal of the day should be approached with the serious intent that it deserves.
  • Slab City: The Last Free Place on Earth

    Living off the grid sounds like it's made for 4x4 enthusiasts and green-thumbed hippies. Slab City on America's west coast is neither of those things. Art scene, caravan park, and refuge for the forgotten, Slab City is the last place on the line for a lot of folks. These are resilient people, who've banded together and created a community where everyone has a place.
  • Found Lettering

    An ongoing personal project.